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Meet Ali

Everyone can be the hero of their own story.

Ali Mohammad Rizwan

Author on a journey for Muslim representation.

Author of MetalGhost: Kashif and the Echoes From a Past Life


Embracing community, spreading love, and advocating for justice | NJ, USA

Ali was raised in a small town in New Jersey, called Ridgefield Park. He studied at Rutgers University and graduated with a Bachelors in English. He then worked in Finance and Accounting while obtaining an MBA in Business Management from FDU's Silberman College of Business.


When he's not writing down the hundred of stories running through his head, Ali enjoys the quiet life with his family, volunteering in his community, and being at the Masjid. His dream is to memorize the Qur'an and teach it to others, while helping as many people in need across the world. And to write. More stories, more books. To always read and write.

"Writing 'MetalGhost: Kashif and the Echoes From a Past Life' has been an eight-year journey that began with a simple question: "Why aren't there superheroes that look like me?" That question sparked an idea that eventually led to characters, scenes, and an entire narrative that I believe is worth sharing with the world."

In 2017, Ali started putting pen to paper. Characters took shape, scenes unfolded, and then, life threw a curveball in 2020 with the passing of his father.

"His passing reshaped my journey, but he remains my inspiration. Family is everything to me. 'MetalGhost' isn't just a superhero story; it's my personal pursuit of representation in storytelling."


Thanks for being part of my community.

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