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Whenever I go to a library or bookstore, I always ask the librarian, "Do you have books featuring Muslim superheroes?"

And they always respond "Sorry, no."

Yeah, I'm going to change that Insha'Allah. 
I believe that everyone deserves to see themselves as the hero of their own story.

- Ali Mohammad Rizwan

The age of Muslim superheroes is here.

Introducing MetalGhost: Kashif and the Echoes from a Past Life by Ali Mohammad Rizwan


 Take a closer look behind the cape of your new favorite superhero as he takes on mental health, love, grief, and family. All of this unfolds through the eyes of a diverse cast of characters, making it a melting pot of experiences.


This book is more than just a story; it's a movement. It's about empowering young adults, providing them with heroes they can relate to, and emphasizing that representation matters.


Are you ready to meet the hero the world has been waiting for?

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When university professor Kashif Razvi's seemingly ordinary life is shattered by the mysterious death of a loved one, he's forced to take matters into his own hands. 


With the help of an armored suit built by his childhood friend Samir, Kashif plunges into the underworld of city gangs to uncover the truth. This journey thrusts him into a war with the criminal world, turning him into a superhero for the city but also a vigilante wanted by the police.


The more he suits up to save the city, the more he realizes that the life of a superhero comes with a cost. Sinister villains emerge, copycat vigilantes disrupt law and order, and Kashif's personal life shatters around him. The pursuit of the truth leads him down a rabbit hole of explosive events, and before he knows it, his life spirals out of control.


Ultimately, Kashif must make a heart-wrenching choice: to save the city or himself.

Meet the Characters of MetalGhost

Early Reader Reviews

Fahim Al-Nasser

"I am glad to read and see relatable characters and cultural diversity. Our generation can feel proud of who they are."

Aisha Patel

"This book was really inspiring and I couldn't put it down."

Fatima Mitchell

"Metalghost is a powerful story for our generation and beyond!"


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